While we will be glad to ship your bike as stated below, however, we have become aware of this new service that will save money on shipping. It has been used several times here at The Link and so far the service seems to work well and save $30-75 on shipping. We will box your bike for the fee of $55, then give you the details so you can fill in all the info at ship bikes and e-mail a label over to us then arrange a pick up at the shop.

Click here for printable version of Shipbikes flier (PDF)

The Bicycle Link Customer Shipping Information

Please read before shipping through us.

Click here for printable version (PDF)


We will be glad to ship the bike for you out of the shop using UPS.com.
Please read the following information about shipping a bike from the Link or click here for printable version (PDF).
The following are some things for you as the UPS customer to consider:

  1. We use UPS.com to ship your bike as if you did so on-line.
    The Bicycle Link small business account will be associated with your shipment but all billing is done directly to you.
  2. We will need the following info for UPS when it is shipped
    a)  Customer name, phone # and e-mail
    b)  Billing address for the credit card being used
    c)  Credit card info including 3 digit security code on back of card (4 digit on front for Amex)
    d)  Name of customer on receiving end
    e)  Ship to address – NO P.O. Boxes allowed
    f)  E-mail of recipient if they want notification of shipping, delivery, etc.
    g)  Insurance amount
    NOTE: Insurance is highly recommended as UPS will only cover $100 plus cost of shipping on any claim not insured.
  3. Once package is posted to ship via UPS.com you will receive an e-mail from UPS with a tracking # and receipt. On occasion UPS will charge an additional surcharge for oversize boxes in addition to original receipt.
  4. At the receiving end please inspect the package for any damage or missing items. Make sure to sign that there is some, if any. If the package was left at the door please contact UPS ASAP to report any damage. It is advised that you take pictures of any damage both to the box and anything that was inside.
  5. Any claims need to be made by the shipper, in this case, The Bicycle Link. So please contact us as quickly as you can so we can get the claim started. This is a UPS policy. We will be glad to work with you to get this process done as quickly as we can.
  6. Please be advised that damage can occur during shipping and that The Bicycle Link is not responsible for any damage to your shipment after it leaves the shop. We have been boxing bikes for years and it is usually not the boxing but the way UPS handles the package. Should you wish to inspect the job we do, please let us know and we can contact you to come by the shop and inspect it before we ship it for you. Please note that this will add time to your shipment.
  7. Just to make you aware the claim process from UPS is not a fast one and could take a couple of months to get done. UPS will need receipts, quotes and pictures from us which we get from you at some point in the process. To expedite this please scan any documents and send to the shop.