The Bicycle Link offers a full Service Department.

Below you will find a few of our most requested repairs and services. For a full list of individual repairs click here to get an idea of cost. All fees below are for labor only, additional cost of necessary parts may be needed. We will also be glad to install any accessories on your bike, the cost of the item will apply plus some labor, refer to the complete labor pricing for more info.

While we try to complete most repairs within 48 hours depending on what parts may be needed and the time of year it could take longer. Feel free to give the Service Dept. a call for updated info or e-mail .

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This will include adjusting the gears, brakes, trueing the wheels, making sure all bottom bracket, headset and wheel bearings are tight and snug, wiping down and lubricating the bike.

$79.99 for geared

$40.00 for single speed/freestyle

Super Tune-up

A tune-up like above is done plus the drivetrain is removed and cleaned. This includes the chain, crank, and cassette/freewheel.


Complete Overhaul

We strip down the whole bike, remove all bearings and parts to the bare frame, clean the parts in our parts cleaner, fully clean the frame then reassemble the bike. For most Overhauls it is necessary to replace all cables, housing and handlebar tape. This is a good time to consider replacing anything that is needed or recommended.


Box a Bike

Using a box that one of our bikes is shipped in we minimally disassemble the bike so it can be put in a box for shipping. We pack the bike in the same manner that most new bikes are shipped to us. We try to do the minimal amount of disassembly so that the bike can be reassembled at the other end by most riders with a few tools, often a trail tool is all that is needed.


Flat Fix

We will remove the tire to see what may have caused the flat and replace the tube, sometimes it is also necessary to replace the tire. Both tube and tire would be an additional cost.

$15.00 per wheel on the bike

$8.00 per wheel off the bike

$35.00 Tubeless Tire Set Up


We will be glad to ship the bike for you out of the shop using
Please read additional information about shipping a bike from the Link


We have become aware of this new service that will save money on shipping, for additional info read here and check out the site . We will be glad to box your bike for shipping.